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HF-4 The AOA Diabetes Health Fair Kit
Great for public health fairs, speaking engagements and other events 
HF-4 The AOA Diabetes Health Fair Kit

  • One Hi-Def Printed Fleece Backdrop - lightweight, easy-to-hang and washable, 60"x80" size
  • One GP-3 - Diabetes Print (Diagnosis & Treatment)
  • One GP-7 - Diabetes Print (Art of Optometry)
  • Two Easels (to be used with the GP-3 and GP-7)
  • 100 FS-6 - Diabetic Retinopathy Fact Sheets
  • 100 Q19 - Answers to Your Questions About Diabetes & Your Eyes
  • 100 DH-1 - Diabetes Health Card
  • 50 - VS1 - Vision Simulator Cards
Member Price $399

To Order by Phone: 800-262-2210

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